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Astronic metaphilosophy

Discipline of Astronism contemplating philosophy itself

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The Vendox of Astronism.

Astronic metaphilosophy is the dispositional discipline of Astronism that has given birth to a wide range of theories and belief orientations regarding the nature, role, and future of philosophy in society. Astronic metaphilosophy played an instrumental part in the formation of Astronism.

Astronic metaphilosophy, formerly known as Millettarian metaphilosophy, is a dispositional discipline of Astronism dealing with the nature of philosophy, its role and function in society, as well as the identity of philosophers.

Astronic metaphilosophy develops the style of metaphilosophical thinking associated with Astronism as founded by Cometan. The style is inextricably linked with one of the core elements of Astronism known as reascensionism which maintains that one of the purposes of the founding of Astronism is to lead the return of society back to philosophy as an institutional entity and to make society philosophocentric.

Main forms of philosophy

In the Omnidoxy and post-omnidoxically, Cometan and Astronist scholarship developed a series of philosophical forms to specify how philosophy manifests itself in the world. Examples of which include:

Main orientations

Astronist scholarship has also developed some orientations that involve approaches to studying and understanding metaphilosophy and the nature, role, and function of philosophy. Principal aspects of these include:

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