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Astronism and the Space Movement

Relationship between Astronism and the Space Movement

by Astronist Institution

Last updated: JAN. 4, 2020

The relations between Astronism and the Space Movement.

The Space Movement is a philosophical movement of like-minded individuals and organisations who express a variety of beliefs and goals, the main one of which is placing humanity's exploration of space at the centre of the future of humanity.

The Space Movement, also known as the space philosophy movement, or the Spacefaring Movement, is a dispersed collection of individuals and organisations with a diverse set of beliefs that tend to share the goal of philosophising about humanity's exploration of space so as to gain a greater consensus on why humanity should explore space and the possible resolutions to some of space exploration's most pertinent issues. 
Astronism is an organised philosophy considered as beloning to the Astronic tradition of philosophy and religion whose founding lead to the development of a new branch of philosophy reserved for the contemplation of The Cosmos, known as cosmontology (or cosmic philosophy). The origins of Astronism date back to 2013 when Cometan founded the philosophy and its governing institution, known as the Astronist Institution, while the origins of the Space Movement arguably date back to the 20th century space race which it developed from. 
Although referred to in a collective manner, the Space Movement is not currently unified under a single set of aims or under a single banner as there are various splinter groups with their own goals and understandings of space exploration. 
Currently, although Astronism may be classified as part of the wider Space Movement, the two are generally considered as a separate entities with Astronism demonstrating a more unified organisation under one establishment. Astronism considers the Space Movement and all sects to form the main bulk of contemporary Astronic philosophy alongside Astronist philosophy. The space movement and Astronism have interacted since the beginning of the founding of the latter in various capacities. 
List of sects/denominations/groups within the Space Movement: 
List of organisations and website considered as part of the Space Movement: 
  • Earthlight Foundation (encompassing the New Worlds Institute, 
  • 2211.world 

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