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List of Astronic institutes and organisations

by Astronist Institution

Last updated: JAN. 14, 2020

This page provides a list of institutes and organisations that are considered to be part of or involving the study of some aspect of the Astronic tradition automatically includes all Astronist organisations. Such entities are organised into two groups Cometanic-founded and Non-Cometanic founded.

Difference between institution and institute

Currently, the only entity in the Astronic tradition that is provided with the word 'institution' in its name is The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism. This is because in the Astronic tradition, the difference between an institution and an institute is that the former holds propriety over a religion or philosophy while the latter acts more like an organisation and typically studies the Astronic tradition in general terms or a specific aspect of it. Essentially, the difference between the two is the quality of an institution hold proprietorship while the function of an institute is not this.

Associate organisation

An associate organisation, or an associate institute, is a type of entity that is in direct relations and cooperation with The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism, which is also known as the Astronist Institution. This type of entity can be considered to exist on collaborate terms with The Institution despite it ownership not resting with The Institution.

List of Cometanic-founded institutes and organisations

List of Non-Cometanic founded institutes and organisations

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