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Astronism status by country

Astronist recognition as a religious group worldwide

by Astronist Institution

Last updated: DEC. 28, 2019

Map detailing Astronist religious recognition by country as of 2020.

The endeavour to have Astronism become recognised as a religion by governments around the world is an important responsibility of the Astronist Institution in effort of not only gaining official status as a religious group, but for the protection of Astronist religious freedoms.

The status of Astronism by country, or the recognition of Astronism as a religion varies greatly from country to country and is a major area of continued debate and research for the Astronist Institution as part of Meta-Astronism. The recognition of Astronists as a religious group in a particular country generally affords them with protection from the government, recognition of places of worship (sophariums), and also allows for Astronist groups to apply for government funding. Being recognised as a minority religion is one of the principal aims of the Astronist Institution so that it may endeavour to protect the religious freedoms of its followers worldwide.

The recognition of Astronism is closely related to other studies including the demographics of Astronism as well as Astronist freedom of religion by country. These studies come together to form a holistic picture of Astronism by country that covers every aspect of Astronist life, treatment, cultural integration and freedom. The recognition of Astronism (and other religion) takes place on three levels which are census recognition, charity recognition, and place of worship recognition. 

For relevance, in this article, we will only be focusing on two of these; census recognition and charity recognition. The Astronist Institution represents the Astronist religion on an organisational level while the census recognition level is reserved for Astronism itself and the community of Astronists in a country.

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