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The Astroxa is the term used within Astronism to collectively refer to the body of beliefs, principles, and concepts that form Astronism itself. Used in a similar sense to the terms Astrosa and Astroma, the Astroxa is an important reference to the entire collection of beliefs, approaches, and philosophies that form Astronism and its understanding of the world, humanity, the future, and existence itself. 

The term Astroxa is important in the context of because it is the mission of the online encyclopaedia of to accurately and definitively present the Astroxa to both Astronists and non-Astronists in a way that it is both authoritative and informative.

The Astroxa of Astronism is in a constant motion of expansion and reorganisation of the importance of certain beliefs over others which pertains to the motionalist nature of Astronism itself. It is the goal of to accurately record and reflect these constant changes to the Astroxa which is why the regular update of the articles on is important so that audiences receive the most relevant information about the body of Astronist beliefs.

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