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Comparative Astronism

Alphabetical index of terms relating to Comparative Astronism.

Comparative Astronism is the study of the comparison of Astronism to other religions, philosophies, and ideas, often in an attempt to better understand Astronism. 

Afterlife in Astronism

Astronist approach to the topic of the afterlife

Astronist understandings of the afterlife, unlike other aspects of eschatology, are generally consistent between schools with some differences arising in the extent of supernaturalism involved. Astronists do not understand the afterlife to be a conscious existence and the two major schools of Astronist eschatology, naturalism and transcensionism, affirmatively deny the existence of an afterlife, instead opting for a naturalistic understanding.


Alatrism in Astronism


Animism in Astronism


Annual cycle in Astronism


Anthropomorphism in Astronism


Apatheism in Astronism