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Preppendix of the Omnidoxy

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Not to be confused with the publication Preppendix of the Omnidoxy.

The Preppendix of the Omnidoxy is a major non-disquisitional part of the Omnidoxy positioned at the front of the treatise and is contrasted with the Appendix of the Omnidoxy which is located at the back of the text. A term relating to the Preppendix is preppendical.

The Preppendix consists of some important information regarding the Omnidoxy and its navigation by readers and is formed by a total of twenty-seven segments, each of which hold their own rubral. Some of the most important segments include the contents and brief contents of the Omnidoxy, information about its author, Cometan, and introductions to the structure of the text, namely insentence and indexment.

Unlike in all other parts of the Omnidoxy (except the Appendix), the Preppendix is not subject to the insentence structure that forms the disquisition of the text and neither are its sentences indexed.

Etymology of preppendix

The word preppendix and its plural preppendices are terms both of Cometanic origin. They are formed by the prefix pre- meaning before or prior to and the suffix -ppendix derived from appendix. An appendix refers to a series of segments of matter at the end of a text, therefore a preppendix refers to such at the beginning of a text.

Segments of the Preppendix

  1. Brief Contents of the Omnidoxy
  2. Contents of the Omnidoxy
  3. About Astronism
  4. About Cometan
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. A Tradition of Polyagency
  7. Authorship of the Omnidoxy
  8. Chronology of the Omnidoxy
  9. Cometanic Edition
  10. Createdness of the Omnidoxy
  11. Dedicatory
  12. Epigraph of the Omnidoxy
  13. Etymology of the Omnidoxy
  14. Inimitability of the Omnidoxy
  15. Introduction of Indexment
  16. Introduction of Insentence
  17. Neology of the Omnidoxy
  18. Note from The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism
  19. Omnidoxical Foreword
  20. Omnidoxicality
  21. Personal Inspiration
  22. Preface of the Omnidoxy
  23. Structure of the Omnidoxy
  24. Technical Note
  25. The Twenty-Five Refoundations of Philosophy
  26. The Identity & Purpose of The Philosopher
  27. The Reascension of Philosophy
  28. The Commencement of The Cosmos
  29. The Eidouranium, The Observatory, The Promontory & The Planetarium
  30. The Story of Cometan
  31. The Astronicon

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